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Please note that Trevor Wayne Hill sadly passed away on 2nd July 2005. This site is being maintained in his memory and as a tribute to the dedication he had as a collector and making available of wax cylinder recordings.
Any enquiries regarding this site should be directed to Chris Long at who has been bequeathed Trevor's cylinder collection and equipment in accordance with Trevor's wishes.

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This site is a compilation of my collection of 2- and 4-minute cylinder records. These cover most of the entertainment cylinder era, from about 1898 (brown wax Edison-Bell "The Boys Of The Old Brigade") through to Aug-1926 (Blue Amberol 5192 "Valencia"). I've also included whatever 78rpm discs I could find of two of my favorite artists, Sir Harry Lauder and Billy Williams.

This site now features a growing collection of "rare recordings", not usually heard by the public. These have been sourced from private collectors, WinMX file-shares & some other web sources. Where possible, credit for the source is given.

These transcriptions are in Real Audio format... you can download the latest free player here:

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? Regarding the issue of copyright, these transcriptions are presented for personal entertainment only. Copyright for all audio reprocessing rests with me, unless otherwise noted. All recordings are over 70 years old, never-the-less should I be infringing your copyright claim please email me & I'll correct the situation.

Special Note: These transcriptions are presented as part of the record of the past. They reflect the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs of different times. I do not endorse the views expressed in some items in this collection, which may contain materials offensive to some listeners.

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