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Please note that the "Release Date" refers to when the cylinder was FIRST released. For Edison 2 minute wax recordings, these would have been in brown wax. All of the 2 minute Edison cylinders (with one exception 8056 "A Night Trip To Buffalo", an early Gold-Molded record without angled end & title info) in my collection are "Gold Molded", titled black wax records, and would have been thus have been made after about 1905.

  US US Columbia 2-minute Gold-Molded cylinders
Cat Title Take /
Artist Release
Col 23505 The Hornpipe Polka (Piccolo Solo) - George Schweinfest c1897
Col 7701 The Mocking Bird 16-33 Billy Golden c1897
Col 31596 La Golondrina 4-?2 Gilmore's Band Sep-1901
Col 32766 Mr. & Mrs. Hawkins (Vaudeville Specialty) 1-10 Ada Jones & Len Spencer Sep-1905
Col 32854 Home Sweet Home (Baritone Solo) 1-11 George Alexander with Orchestra Jan-1906

France French Edison 2-minute Gold-Molded cylinders
Cat Title Take /
Artist Release

Mazurka - Jaloux et Coquette

- Musique de la Garde Republicaine c1904
17445 Danse Des Lazzaroni - Tarentelle - Musique de la Garde Republicaine c1905

UK British Edison 2-minute Gold-Molded cylinders
Cat Title Take /
Artist Release
13057 Punjab - British Military Band Jul-1904
13343 Christmas Carols No 1 - British Military Band Nov-1905
13345 Christmas Eve In Old England - Edison Carol Singers Nov-1905
13363  Selection From 'The Spring Chicken' - Britisch Military Band Nov-1905
13381 Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes - Ernest Pike Jan-1906
13424 The Singer Was Irish - Peter Dawson Mar-1906

Where Oh Where (has my little dog gone)Dan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams Mar-1907
13579 Bamboo Bungalow, Parody 6 Billy Williams Nov-1907

I've Got A Lover Up In ScotlandDan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams May-1907

Poor Old EnglandDan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams Sep-1907

The Hob Nailed Boots That Father WoreDan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams Oct-1907

The Campbell's Are Coming (Bagpipes)


Pipe Major H. Forsyth


When There Isn't A Girl AboutDan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams Dec-1907
13656 As Good As Money In The Bank 11 Billy Williams Nov-1907

There's A Girl Wanted There (Parody)


Billy Williams

13696 Tickle Me, Timothy 18 Billy Williams Mar-1908
13739 It Jolly Well Serves You Right 20 Billy Williams Aug-1908
13742 The Wedding Of Sandy Mac Nab - Harry Lauder Jul-1908
13743 Fou The Noo - Harry Lauder Jul-1908
13755 Put A Bit Of Powder On It Father 8 Billy Williams Sep-1908
13757 That's The Reason Noo I Wear A Kilt 14 Harry Lauder Sep-1908

Postcards (There's A Picture For A Postcard)Dan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams Nov-1908
13783 He Was Very Kind To Me ! - Harry Lauder Jan-1909
13784 Rising Early In The Morning - Harry Lauder Jan-1909

If I Could Only Find A KeyDan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams Sep-1908

All The Rage

- Band Feb-1909

Save A Little One For MeDan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams Jul-1909

Save A Little One For Me

  Billy Williams Jul-1909

Still Your Friend

.7 Ernest Pike Feb-1910
13938 It's A Wonder What Little Things Lead To 1 Billy Williams Mar-1910

Settle Up And Settle DownDan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams Apr-1910
13958 The Old Grey Coat 5 Billy Williams May-1910

Bell Among The Tailors (Accordion)

.4 Wyper Jan-1911
19175 Tobermory (Comic Song) 10 Harry Lauder Mar-1908
19179 Stop Yer Tickling Jock 17 Harry Lauder May-1908

US US Edison 2-minute Gold-Molded cylinders
Cat Title Take /
Artist Release
19 Under The Double Eagle (March) 2

Edison Military Band

503 Ange D' Amour (Waltz) 4 Edison Symphony Orchestra Jan-1897
613 Selection From The Mikado 9 Edison Symphony Orchestra Jun-1897
2229 Farmyard Medley 20 Edison Quartette ?-1898
6923 I Want To Go To Morrow 1 Dan W. Quinn May-1899
7434 Schultz On How To Bring Up Children 4 Frank Kennedy Jan-1900
7458 Then You'll Remember Me (Violin Solo) 1 Charles D'almaine Aug-1900
7508 I'll Not Go Out With Reilly Any More 3 Edward M. Favor Aug-1900
7852 Hello Central, Give Me Heaven 10 Byron G. Harlan Jul-1901
8038 Ring Down The Curtain 8 Franklin Wallace Jul-1902
8056 A Night Trip To Buffalo (Descriptive Selection) 4 Invincible Quartette Jul-1902
8175 Nursery Rhymes 6 Arthur Collins & Byron T. Harlan Oct-1902
8295 Marriage Bells (Bell Solo) 8 Edward Rutson Jan-1903
8595 Pretty As A Butterfly (Bell Solo) 6 Albert Benzler Jan-1904
8654 Colored Major March (Banjo Solo) 9 Vess. L. Ossman Apr-1904
8667 In A Nutshell (Xylophone Solo) 5 Albert Benzler Apr-1904
8719 For Lawdy Sakes Feed My Dog 1 Arthur Collins Jun-1904
8773 Two Rubes At The Circus 6 Harlan & Stanley Aug-1904
8975 Parson Spencer's Discourse On Adam And Eve 19 Len Spencer Apr-1905
9041 American Fantasie 9 Edison Concert Band Jul-1905
9053 Jim Bludsoe (Talking) 3 Edgar L. Davenport Aug-1905
9161 With Flying Colors (March) 1 Edison Concert Band Dec-1905
9293 Sailor's Hornpipe Medley (Violin Solo) 21 Leopold Mosley Jul-1906
9315 Waiting At The Church (Comic Song) 1 Ada Jones Aug-1906
9322 Smile On Me 9 Irving Gillette Aug-1906
9335 Bashful Henry And His Lovin' Lucy (Vaudeville Sketch) 17 Ada Jones & Len Spencer Aug-1906
9338 The Ride Of The Valkyries 3 Edison Concert Band Sep-1906
9381 Come Down McGinty (Irish Sketch) 3 Albert Campbell & Bob Roberts Oct-1906
9440 I'm Getting Ready For My Mother-In-Law (Comic Song) 3 Bob Roberts Jan-1907
9450 The Bird On Nellie's Hat (Comic Song) 5 Helen Trix Jan-1907
9487 Pedro, The Hand Organ Man (Street Scene) 4 Len Spencer Mar-1907
9615 Street Piano Medley 19 August Molinari Aug-1907
9685 The Victorious Eagle (March) 4 Edison Military Band Nov-1907
9701 The Merry Widow (Waltz) 29 Edison Symphony Orchestra Dec-1907
9707 Three Rubes Seeing New York (Street Scene) 5 Edison Vaudeville Company Dec-1907
9729 Don't Get Married Any More, Ma (Comic Song) 17 Ada Jones Jan-1908
9739 Wedding Bells (Vaudeville Sketch) 27 Ada Jones & Len Spencer Jan-1908
9817 Rain-In-The-Face Medley 
5 Edison Military Band Apr-1908
9847 Just Some One (Tenor) 17 Manual Romain Jun-1908
9864 The Laughing Spectator 8 Steve Porter Jun-1908
9865 The Harry Lauder Medley 21 Edison Military Band Jun-1908
9945 Tony And Rosetta ? Ada Jones & Len Spencer Sep-1908
10034 Uncle Josh's New Year's Pledge 7 Cal Stewart Jan-1909
10054 Flannagan's New Year's Call   Steve Porter Jan-1909

US US Indestructible 2-minute cylinders
Cat Title Take /
Artist Release
Ind 604 Manhattan Beach March J Military Band Nov-1907
Ind 745 Blue Danube Waltz - Orchestra Mar-1908
Ind 762 Waltz From "A Waltz Dream" (Symphony) 159 762 Orchestra May-1908
Ind 980 Gloworm 478 980 Concert Band Feb-1909
Ind 1202 Let's Go Into A Picture Show - Byron G. Harlan Nov-1909
Ind 1400 What's The Matter With Father C Fred Duprez Sep-1910
Ind 1438 The Rosary (Song) - Norman Williams Dec-1910

Miscellaneous 2-minute cylinders
Cat Title Take /
Artist Release
Clarion 208 A Royal Review (Descriptive) A Premier Concert Orchestra c1908
Edison- Bell The Boys Of The Old Brigade 
[144rpm] (Brown Wax)
- Eric Farr 1896/1900
Edison Bell 2M-829 A Bit Of Blarney 829 Irish Guards Band c1905
Edison-Bell GM 2M-10291 The Villain Still Pursued Her A W. Whitlock & O. Oakley Aug-1908
Edison-Bell NP 2M-20024 March Past Of The Brigade (Descriptive) K London Regimental Band Jan-1908
Edison-Bell NP 2M-20104 Humoresque (Banjo & Bassoon) - O. Oakley & Caldwell Jun-1904
Edison-Bell NP 2M-20106 On The Mississippi - London Concert Orchestra Jun-1908
Edison-Bell NP 2M-20154 Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand - Royal Military Band Sep-1908
Electrophone 7032 Give My Regards To Broadway  
- Billy Murray (Made on 14-Sep-1987)
Italian No 19 Rosenthal Language Phone 19-1-8 - ?
Lakeside 457

That Opera Rag

457-2 Bob Roberts c 1912
Pathe' 60013

Sally In Our Alley

(8689) Ben Davies c 1903
Sterling 143 Tom Bowling 143 G Ernest Pike Sep-1905
Sterling 605 Funiculi Funicula 605 E Sig. Bartolotta Oct-1910
Sterling 1020 Dancing In The Barn 1020 H Vaudeville Orchestra Oct-1907
Vulcan 101

Edison Advertising Record (1906)  

? Len Spencer 1906 (Made in 2004)
White 207 The Khaki Carbineer - Empire Military Band ?

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