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UK  Edison 4-minute Amberol cylinders
Cat Title Take /
Artist Release
4M-12022 Poppies And Wheat (Banjo) ...7 Olly Oakley c1912
4M-12139 We Don't Want More Daylight .4 Billy Williams Jan-1910

The Collier Dan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams May-1910

My Old Armchair Dan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams Jun-1910

Soap And WaterDan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams Aug-1911
4M-12352 You're The One ..8 Billy Williams Oct-1911

I Wish It Was Sunday NightDan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams May-1912


  US Edison 4-minute Amberol cylinders
Cat Title Take /
Artist Release
Special B Father's Eccentricities 38 Murry K. Hill Apr-1910
4M-53 Miserere From 'Il Trovatore .51 Miss Hinkle & Mr. Anthony Dec-1908
4M-285 Stars And Stripes Forever ..6 Sousa's Band Nov-1909
4M-558 Shipwreck And Rescue  .6 Peerless Quartette Nov-1910


France Edison Australian 4-minute Blue Amberol cylinder
Cat Title Take /
Artist Release
22541 New Zealand March (Lithgow) .4 New York Military Band Oct-1918

France Edison French 4-minute Blue Amberol cylinder
Cat Title Take /
Artist Release
27032 "Refrains Populaires" .4 Garde Republicaine Feb-1913

Sweden Edison Swedish 4-minute Blue Amberol cylinder
Cat Title Take /
Artist Release
9441 Swedish Guard March ....4 New York Military Band Aug-1916


UK Edison UK 4-minute Blue Amberol cylinders
Cat Title Take /
Artist Release
23003 Roamin' In The Gloamin' .24 Harry Lauder Feb-1913
23008 March, Strathspey & Reel .3 Highlanders Bagpipe Band Feb-1913

The Kangaroo Hop Dan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams Feb-1913
23017 Breakfast In Bed .18 Harry Lauder Feb-1913
23020 Regimental Marches No. 3 .15 National Military Band Mar-1913
23022 A Wee Hoose 'Mang The Heather .48 Harry Lauder Mar-1913
23024 My Young Man Is Not A Chocolate Soldier .4 Billy Williams Mar-1913

Wild Woodbines

.1 Billy Williams Mar-1913
23042 Wait Till I'm As Old As Father .1 Billy Williams Apr-1913
23055 Nazareth (Concertina) ..4 Alexander Prince Apr-1913

We're Waiting For A Girl  Dan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams Apr-1913

We're All Waiting For A Girl

.1 Billy Williams Apr-1913
23070 It's Mine When You've Done With It .2 Billy Williams May-1913
23073 She's The Lass For Me ..49 Harry Lauder May-1913
23078 The Ragtime Wedding ..1 Billy Williams Jun-1913
23079 The Athol Highlanders March .7 Highlander's Bagpipe Band Jun-1913

The Butterfly (Concertina)

.22 Alexander Prince Apr-1913
23088 On Her Pic-Pic-Picolo ..2 Billy Williams Jul-1913

I Wish I Were Back In Lancashire Dan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams Aug-1913
23113 She Does Like A Little Bit Of Scotch ..7 Billy Williams May-1913

Hold Your Hand Out Naughty Boy

.2 Florrie Forde Oct-1913

Forgotten Melodies (Concertina)

.6 Alexander Prince Oct-1913
23133 All The Ladies Fell In Love With Sandy .5 Billy Williams Nov-1913

The Awakening Of Scrooge

.5 Bransby Williams Nov-1913
23146 Why Don't Santa Claus Bring Something To Me .15 Billy Williams Nov-1913

The Street Watchman's Christmas

.5 Bransby Williams Nov-1913
23153 Jean Loves All The Jockeys .8 Billy Williams Dec-1913

The Matrimonial Handicap

7 Jack Charman Dec-1913

Oh Molly McIntyre Dan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams Dec-1913

Oh Molly McIntyre

.3 Billy Williams Dec-1913
23163 Just Like Bein' At Hame .17 Harry Lauder Dec-1913
23167 Yachting ..1 Will Evans Dec-1913
23170 Selection From The Gondoliers .1 National Military Band Dec-1913
23176 Bonnie Scotland (Concertina) .1 Alexander Prince Dec-1913
23180 The Merry Widow Lancers Fig. 5 ..7 National Military Band Dec-1913
23191 Mr. John Mackenzie O ..8 Billy Williams Jan-1914
23202 Blame It Onto Poor Old Father .2 Billy Williams Feb-1914
23219 Giving A Donkey A Strawberry .1 Billy Williams Jan-1914
23223 Take Me In A Taxi, Joe .1 Jack Charman Mar-1914
23236 I'm Out For The Day Today .4 Billy Williams Apr-1914

I Can't Keep Still Tonight Dan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams May-1914

The Worst Of It Is I Like It

.2 Billy Williams Jun-1914

I Come Frae Scotland Dan Nixon's Page

  Billy Williams Jul-1914
23279 What Time Tomorrow Night .4 Billy Williams Aug-1914


.4 Bobbie Naish Oct-1914

Snappy Stories

...3 Bobbie Naish Dec-1914

Regimental Marches No 1

.3 National Military Band Oct-1914

Regimental Marches No 2

.1 National Military Band Oct-1914

Gems Of England

.4 National Military Band Oct-1914

Gems Of Ireland

.5 National Military Band Oct-1914

Gems Of Wales

.2 National Military Band Oct-1914

The Flying Squadron

.4 National Military Band Oct-1914

John Bull's Catechism

..8 Arthur Crane & Chorus Jun-1915

When The Daffodils Are Blooming

...2 Mixed Quartet Jun-1915

US Edison US 4-minute Blue Amberol cylinders
Cat Title Take /
Artist Release
1511 "My Uncle's Farm" ..24 Billy Golden & Joe Hughes Dec-1912
1524 Silver Bell ..87 Ada Jones & Billy Murray Dec-1912
1544 Darkies' Dream & Darkies' Awakening .75 Fred Van Epps Nov-1912
1560 The Preacher And The Bear ......16 Arthur Collins Feb-1913
1563 Aunt Dinah's Golden Wedding ...9 Empire Vaudeville Company Nov-1912
1564 Sounds From The Operas - Waltzes .14 National Promenade Band Nov-1912
1571  Darktown Eccentricities .31 Billy Golden & Joe Hughes Nov-1912
1583 Uncle Josh Buys An Automobile .54 Cal Stewart Nov-1912
1616 Dialogue For Three - Flute, Oboe & Clarinet ..25 Spindler, Sanatangelo & Giammatteo Feb-1913
1637 On The Mississippi ..17 Billy Murray & Chorus Feb-1913
1651 Lincoln's Speech At Gettysburg .7 Harry E. Humphrey Jan-1913
1654 Washington's Farewell Address .2 Harry E. Humphrey Jan-1913
1759 Two Jolly Sailors ..5 Steve Porter & Byron G. Harlan Jun-1913
1771 Just Plain Folks (Maurice Stonehill) Descriptive Song .4 Ada Jones & Chorus Jun-1913
1774 Italian Army March (Accordion Solo) .8 Guido Diero Jun-1913
1804 On Parade Medley ...6 National Guard Fife & Drum Corps Aug-1913
1817 She's My Daisy .10 Harry Lauder Aug-1913
1818 Goodbye Till We Meet Again .5 Harry Lauder Aug-1913
1819 Just A Wee Deoch And Doris .19 Harry Lauder Aug-1913
1820 It's Nice When You Love A Wee Lassie .17 Harry Lauder Aug-1913
1821 I Love A Lassie .33 Harry Lauder Aug-1913
1823 Favorite Airs From Patience ..4 Edison Light Opera Co. Sep-1913
1837 Clamy Green ..7 Billy Golden & Joe Hughes Sep-1913
1871 The Golden Wedding ..6 Ada Jones & Len Spencer Sep-1913
1878 Jolly Fellow's Waltz .3 Sousa's Band Sep-1913
1880 Doctor's Testimonials .10 Billy Golden & Joe Hughes Sep-1913
1883 Moonlight In Jungleland .1 New York Military Band Sep-1913
1907 An Easy Job On The Farm ..42 Billy Golden & Joe Hughes Sep-1913
1926 Serenade (Moskowski) .14 Venetian Instrumental Quartette Oct-1913
1959 Waiting Down By The Mississippi Shore TENOR DUET .8 Albert H. Campbell & Irving Gillette Oct-1913
1988 Jere Sanford's Yodeling & Whistling Specialty ..32 Jere Sanford Oct-1913
2006 Comic Epitaphs 7 Billy Golden & Joe Hughes Oct-1913
2029 National Emblem March .13 New York Military Band Nov-1913
2038 Marche Lorraine .7 New York Military Band Nov-1913
2045 The Shipmates (Vaudeville Sketch) .10 Billy Golden & Joe Hughes Nov-1913
2071 Ragtime In The Air .8 Billy Murray & Chorus Dec-1913
2074 Hotel Porter And The Traveling Salesman (Vaudeville Sketch) .7 Billy Golden & Joe Hughes Dec-1913
2101 The Two Poets .10 Billy Golden & Joe Hughes Dec-1913
2107 Amoureuse Waltz (Accordion Solo) .1 Pietro Frosini Dec-1913
2108 Uncle Josh In A Photograph Gallery .100 Cal Stewart Dec-1913
2123 Marriage Bells (Bells & Xylophone) ..5 John F Burkhardt & Charles Daab Jan-1914
2134 An Irish Husband .3 Irving Gillette & Chorus Jan-1914
2169 Under The Double Eagle (March) .1 New York Military Band Feb-1914
2183 Stabat Mater - Infalmatus (Cornet) ..11 Gustave Heim Mar-1914
2192 Aunt Mandy .10 Billy Golden & Joe Hughes Mar-1914
2197 The Pussy Cat Rag (Comic Song) .1 Peerless Quartet & Ada Jones Mar-1914
2228 Love Is So Fickle (Waltz Hesitation) .10 National Promenade Band Apr-1914
2232 The Ragtime Dream (Coon Duet) .5 Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan Apr-1914
2412 March Of The Inland Tribes .7 Liberati's Band Sep-1914
2413 Suffragettes March ..4 Liberati's Band Sep-1914
2427 Wedding Of The Winds (Waltz) ..6 American Standard Orchestra Oct-1914
2429 Jimmy Trigger's Return From Mexico .7 Billy Golden & Joe Hughes Oct-1914
2432 Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! ..8 Knickerbocker Quartet Oct-1914
2467 L'Estudiantina (Waltz Hesitation) ..10 National Promenade Band Dec-1914
2483 Russian National Air & Belgian National Air ..8 New York Military Band Dec-1914
2486 Rule Britannia ..14 Albert Farrington Jan-1915
2487 It's A Long Way To Tipperary ...16 Albert Farrington And Chorus Jan-1915

The "Damberols" (Cylinders dubbed from diamond disc masters beginning with Blue Amberol # 2488) begin here. Up until this point, all Blue Amberols were direct mastered. Note that there were about a dozen "direct mastered" Blue Amberols produced after this point in time.

2529 Tannhauser (March) ..11 Edison Concert Band Feb-1915
2567 Italian Fantasia (Accordion) .10 Pietro Frosini Apr-1915
2608 Flaming Arrow .5 Edison Concert Band May-1915
2689 Hold Your Hand Out Naughty Boy (Comic Song) ...4 Glen Ellison Sep-1915
2712 Dance Of The Skeletons .1 Sodero's Band Oct-1915
2826 The Mocking Bird .40 Elizabeth Spencer And Walter Van Brunt Mar-1916
2851 Molly Dear It's You I'm After (One Step) .7 National Promenade Band Apr-1916
2870 For Auld Lang Syne! Australia Will Be There ...3 William White & Chorus May-Jun-1916
2924 Sing Us A Song Of Bonnie Scotland ..9 Glen Ellison Aug-1916
3103 Killarney ..4 John Finnegan Feb-1917
3139 Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag .13 Helen Clark & Chorus Apr-1917
3220 Liberty Bell March (Sousa) ..8 New York Military Band Jul-1917
3227 My Waikiki Mermaid (Hula Medley) ....39 Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra Aug-1917
3271 The Invincible Eagle (March Sousa) .8 New York Military Band Sep-1917
3509 Rigoletto Selection Part 2 (Verdi) ....18 American Symphony Orchestra Aug-1918
3546 The Colored Recruits (Vaudeville With Banjo) ..24 Billy Golden And Billy Heims Sep-1918
3557 Poet And Peasant Overture Part 2 .8 American Symphony Orchestra Oct-1918
3609 From Tropic To Tropic .19 New York Military Band Dec-1918
3691 Easter Fantasia .2 Peerless Orchestra Apr-1919
3835 A Police Court Scene .20 Steve Porter & Co. Oct-1919
3883 My Baby's Arms (Ziegfeld Follies 1919) .20 Vernon Dalhart Dec-1919
3890 Uncle Josh And Aunt Nancy Put Up The Kitchen Stove .75 Cal Stewart & Ada Jones Jan-1920
3904 Train Time At Pun'kin Center ..2 Cal Stewart & Co. Feb-1920
3957 A Matrimonial Mix-up (Negro Sketch) .35 Billy Golden & Joe Hughes Apr-1920
4077 Uncle Josh And The Sailor ..13 Cal Stewart Sep-1920
4328 Peggy O'Neil .18 Billy Jones & Chorus Oct-1921
4426 Three O'clock In The Morning ..17 Club De Vingt Orchestra Jan-1922
4867 Pal Of My Dreams ..6 Charles Hart May-1924
5192 Valencia ..5 National Male Quartet Aug-1926


US Edison Grand Opera 4-minute Blue Amberol cylinders
Cat Title Take /
Artist Release
28121 Pagenaire Aus Maskenball (Verdi) . Melitta Heim 1915
28177 Prize Song - Die Meistersinger (Violin) .1 Albert Spalding 1915
28204 Mein Lieber Schwann (Lohengrin) ...5 Jaques Urlus May-1915


US US Indestructible 4-minute cylinders
Cat Title Take /
Artist Release
Indestructible 4M-3050 A-Semper Fidelis 
B-22nd Regiment March
- Lacalle's Band Apr-1910
Indestructible 4M-3214 Reminiscences Of Scotland 1 Military Band Jan-1911
Indestructible 4M-7015 Ring Of Roses - Ethel Williams & J. Charman -


Miscellaneous 4-minute cylinders
Cat Title Take /
Artist Release
#4 ICS Spanish Lesson #4 [90rpm] ..13    


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