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Most sites seem to have one of these pages, so I guess I should start one...

About Me

My name is Trevor Hill, and I live in a quiet suburb of Melbourne, Australia. I'm 47 years old and have been collecting 78's & cylinders since my early teens. At first, my collection had little direction (I'd buy whatever came along!), but eventually I decided that some culling of what I already had was needed.


I also needed a future plan for what I wanted to collect, and why. Although it changes from time to time, my collecting now tends to be:

As an electronic/communications engineer, the desire to clean up these recordings led me first to making a phono-cartridge adapter for the Fireside, and then a set of audio filters. This brought out all the flaws of the Fireside (gear noise etc), and led me to a new project: a purpose-built cylinder transcription machine (see my DIY player page).

This has been an ongoing project, refined over about 25 years, and allowed me to produce taped processed copies of my collection. This was all OK, until computers & sophisticated audio processing software came along...but that's another story.


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